Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rack Up Some RSpec Tests

Here's a simple rack application to render the output from running RSpec.
(Note: this is tailored to work on windows..)

#\ -w -p 8765
use Rack::Reloader, 0
use Rack::ContentLength

app = proc do |env|
formatting = '--require "C:\\...\\Ruby RSpec.tmbundle\\Support\\lib\\text_mate_formatter" -f ' +
'Spec::Runner::Formatter::TextMateFormatter' if env["REQUEST_PATH"] == "/textmate"
formatting = '-f h' if env["REQUEST_PATH"] == "/html"

out = `spec.bat spec #{formatting} 2>&1`
format = out=~/\ [ 200, {'Content-Type' => format}, out ]

run app

How to use it

Install rack if you haven't already. gem install rack

  • To start it, save this code into a file called ''.
  • Change the '...' to the path to your textmate bundles... (or just ignore it if you don't use E or textmate)
  • Run rackup
  • visit http://localhost:8765 http://localhost:8765/html or http://localhost:8765/textmate

Why Bother?

I'm using RSpec for testing, but the integration with E (the windows clone of Textmate) seems to hang sometimes when there is an error in my code.
Having explorer open with the results so I can just press refresh is working well for me.

I wanted to post a simple rack application as there don't seem to be many examples around.

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