Monday, November 19, 2007

NCoverCop trunk... for coverage

If you grab NCoverCop from svn you can check out a couple of improvements.

  • Refactoring Allowed.. If you delete tested code that is no longer needed, then this will unfortunately have the side effect of dropping your coverage percentage. NCoverCop allows for this by checking the number of untested lines. If it has not increased then the build is passes as you didn't make things worse.

  • Coverage Differences are displayed when a build fails to give you an idea of the lines in the file that have become uncovered, or been added without test.

  • sectionOfFilePathToCompareRegex allows you to specify a section of the document paths in the NCoverResults.xml files to ignore when comparing the files. This allows you to compare the build's file with your local one even if your trunk paths differ.

autoUpdate="${environment::get-machine-name() ==}"

E.g. "trunk.*" (as above) will truncate "C:/something/trunk/somedir/file.cs" to "trunk/somedir/file.cs" when comparing with another results file.

Let me know if you find NCoverCop useful.

Note: Big big thanks to VarianInc for allowing me to do some work on NCoverCop on their dime. They have introduced a policy of using opensource code wherever they can, and contributing back to the community.

Varian (Melbourne) are by far the most agile company I have worked for to date. I highly recommend anyone that is keen to be part of a well functioning agile .Net team to get in contact with them. Email me and I'll forward your details if you like.

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