Thursday, June 19, 2008

We switched from NCover to NCover 2.0

NCover is an invaluable part of our continuous integration server. (In conjunction with NCoverCop [shameless plug]).

We recently splashed out on the commercial version [NCover 2.0] rather than use the open source version with an aim to speed up the build.

The upgrade was pretty painless. I needed to extend NCoverCop to process the new file format, so the next version will now handle both. It can even compare one against the other.

The results

We managed to shave 2 minutes off the build. Every little helps!


Duncan Bayne said...

You know Sri & I submitted a patch to NCoverCop that makes it work with both NCover 1.x and NCover 2.x results ...

Nigel Thorne said...

Mate, I missed the patch. I need to work out how to get sourceforge to email me.

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