Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Using Outlook like Gmail

I love GMail's 'Archive' feature. I wanted the same in Outlook which I am currently forced to use. So...

Sub Archive()
Dim myItem
For Each myItem In Application.Explorers.Item(0).Selection
myItem.UnRead = False
myItem.Move (Application.Explorers.Item(1).CurrentFolder().Parent.Folders("Archive"))
End Sub

This little macro marks the current selected item(s) read and moves them to the 'Archive' folder (that you will need to create at the top level).

I also added a button to run the macro and called it "&XArchive" so I can go Alt+X to archive the currently selected mail item.

Works for me..
If anyone can be bothered to get it to work for all selected items that would be cool. Done...

Oh, I'm using Outlook 2000. You may need to change the macro for other version.
Let me know :)

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