Friday, February 13, 2009

Coverage doesn't mean anything...

... is like saying "Wii-Fit doesn't make you fit, because you can just step on and off and the game thinks you are exercising".

If you do this, you are just fooling yourself.

Coverage means nothing unless you assume you are working in an environment where developers are writing good unit test. With this assumption, suddenly it becomes a great measure of how much of the code is untested! [or in BDD lingo.. how much of your code is not required to satisfy the current set of automated requirements indicating either a requirements gap or too much code!]


Curious Attempt Bunny said...

I think coverage means something - it's very easy to misuse or be misled by.

I, personally, don't use coverage tools at all.

Nigel Thorne said...

Uncle Bob did a talk recently that covers this well. Coverage means something to professionals. It should never be used by management.

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