Thursday, January 23, 2014

Vagrant, Docker, and Proxy Servers

I was trying to get a Docker VM running on windows at work using the tutorial, but kept getting "Unable to connect to"... In my case it was the proxy server.. and I found a simple fix.

* Open  the Vagrantfile
* Add a like after "$vbox_script = MMVBOX_SCRIPT + $script
* Type "export http_proxy="

Ok this got me a bunch further... but not all the way.  Now the Guest Additions module is failing to install.

Wish me luck.

Wrong Vagrant

I was getting messages to say the virtualBox guest additions didn't match the version of virtualbox. So I upgraded VirtualBox. Then I got messages saying Vagrant didn't support that version of Virtualbox.

OK .. Another rookie mistake. I was running vagrant from the gem (v1.0.4). I've uninstalled the gem 'gem uninstall vagrant' and downloaded the msi. The MSI version is v1.4.3.

So far so good....

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