Friday, July 28, 2006

Another Rails Conf Talk Released

I'm loving ScribleStudio's coverage of the RailsConf2006 Keynotes.

One of the questions to the Rails core team was 'do you guys hate fixtures?' or something like that. I was amazed that they too dislike them. DHH summed it up well... to paraphrase.. Fixtures shouldn't be shared across tests, but they are so hard to set up that you end up doing it anyway, which doesn't scale. The cost of making fixtures needs to be lowered. They didn't have any ideas how to do this.

This make me recall my suggestion from a few days ago... instead of fixtures, define an object mother (some class that can generate test data for you given some criteria) and dependency injection or some other terse mechanism to specify your context for your test.

Looking at the way rSpec is going, this maybe the best condender for this sort of thing. I'll keep thinking about it. Keep tuned to see any further developments.

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