Monday, July 10, 2006

IDEA: Bleeping Media Player

"Cutting out the Naughty Bits Ruled Illegal" on slashdot today refers to a case where people were creating DVDs of special edits of films with the sex scenes, bad language, etc. cut and swapping them for original dvds.

Personally I feel there is a market for a device (or initially media player) that can gain access to bleep tracks for movies, cd's etc and use them to (at runtime) modify the output of the player.

So imagine... you buy your daughter a new music cd. You have previously configured her player to her age group. When the player gets to track 6 (which unknown to you contains the f word) it blanks the word (or play some substitute mp3 to patch it) . In a DVD with explicit content it could blur the screen, or cut the scene or whatever.

The community could create the patch-tracks and make them downloadable for each media... by default the player could dissallow anything not on the list.

This would only work for youngsters that are not able to buy their own player, but those are the ones you would want this for anyway.

It doesn't infringe copywright or anything, so all legal. :) It solves the same problem.

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